It’s quiet over here.

In your time it would still be VERY busy. 

Quiet here is blood transfusions, fevers, medicines galore, and stretches of sleep no longer than 40 minutes, but it’s quiet because Jacob is quiet. 

Jacob is quiet.

He won’t eat, drink, nor speak, but he will quietly say “snuggle” if you take your arm off of him for more than a minute.

Nothing really to say and I honor his wish for silence. 

Not typing anymore. The keys make sound.

But I’m breaking his request for only something important.

Steve and I, along with you, are going to cure childhood cancers. 

We will start with the most common children’s cancer, Neuroblastoma, and then move on to the next one. We will be strategic and go one at a time. Learning as we go to conquer even the rarest cancer. 

Our goal is for Neuroblastoma to be a “chronic illness” in 5 years. And honestly, that is a conservative number. Steve is always conservative. But my guess 3.5 years. A chronic illness would make Neuroblastoma like diabetes or AIDS. All of these are chronic illnesses, these children will live and would not need to live in a hospital to achieve that.

To put it mildly…we have read every research study, met with every expert (including many of you), and more importantly, watched. We have watched. My husband makes the experts pause. He makes them even rethink their own thinking. I’ve witnessed this now three times. He hasn’t just learned, he is theorizing. That is when you master the material that exists and being to create with it.

He is curing.

Steve and I are dedicated to finding a CURE. 

Both of us. You get BOTH of us. If you have met us, you will know one thing, we are the ultimate duo. He hires and I fire. He builds and I create. He has facts and I have followers. And we have YOU, Friend’s of Nightwing.

And we join our fellow mothers and fathers. We have numbers. We have humanity. We have an army, as sadly many have walked this path before…many. We join them all, we join the BAND OF PARENTS.

We, parents, are going to do this one thing! 

We do this because we know what childhood SHOULD be. We lie awake thinking, what if this was “Alex, Audrey, Alison, Anya, Amelia, Aaron, Aerin, and that is just the start of the A’s. This we can do. We do for each other because we share one thing, parenthood. This unites us. This is not “controversial” there is no NRA of cancer. If we can’t do this…I’m really not sure what we can do. 

I won’t give up on what the world can be. Please don’t either. 

Please join us. 

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