He’s the best of all of us

We are back in the hospital. It is day 9. Just like last round. Day 9. Fever. 

And poor Jacob. This was his day “off.” A day he didn’t have to go to the hospital.

We will be here for the next 5-7 days, but in the words of Benno “Jacob is the best of us.”

That is what Benno said last night. My heart sank. I immediately thought of a boy thinking he was second. “Oh, buddy, when we say that we aren’t saying Jacob is the best!” But I forgot who I was talking to him. He understood exactly what it meant.

“Mom. That phrase means that Jacob is being the strongest of all of us. Jacob is doing the best. We are all so stressed and he’s not.” 

And that sums it up. 

Jacob is the best of us.

He is a LION. He is happy. He is strong.

He wasn’t happy about coming back, but he got out of bed to go live in the hospital again without much protest.

AND it started with such love. While getting settled here, I checked old texts and saw I missed one, a BIG one. A video of Jacob’s school friends wishing him to feel better. And Aerin came to visit and Jacob gave her his “heart.” He bought her a heart necklace with a chip of a diamond for a very special girl.

In the words of Jacob when asked how was your day.

“I saw my friends. One in real life and the rest on TV! Good.”

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  1. Dearest Abby I follow your blog everyday, so many lessons to learn from you and your corageous Jacob.
    What an Angel, what a sweetheart, you are all in our hearts and prayers. Be strong he will triumph.
    Love you,
    Giselle and Jack

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