I edet. I edit.

I know they are long.

Very long

I READ them. Remember, I read them? I write them for me. They are for me. I am taking notes. I am trying to remember. Remember all of the kindness. Remember the days for medical record keeping. 

Remember I have you.

So they’re long…(those 3 dots just made it longer-UGH!)

In my defense, when I write, it’s literally the letter “F” event of the day. Already A and B happened, marching next is  C and D, that is staring, fucking staring, at the “E” event of the day. And then I can write. I’ve had 5 major things happen by the time I can write and all I can think of is the 5th, but the 5th is a lesson from the fourth or something. 

So they get long. 

I don’t talk on the phone. 

What is there really to say?

And time is so precious. This blog is the only way I really communicate. Ask my parents!  Ask anyone you are assumming I call.

So they are long.

BUT I edit.  

I publish immediately, but I edit. 

I guess I’m impulsive, but I do. I publish immediately.


I DO. You should know that.

Sometimes weeks later. 

Not ever for grammar (because how would I know), but if I get a name wrong OR have a blatant spelling mistake or typo.

*I would like the record to note that I believe 20% are to be blamed on autocorrect. However,  I am admitting to 80% on me.

 I am the worst speller. The absolute worst. I can actually hear Jennifer Zimmermann who I taught with at A-S laughing aloud. I am truly terrible. But I don’t care. I know the tech is only getting better. And I have bigger fish to fry.

So as you know I live in a bubble and just learned that many of my closest friends are getting my blog by “email.” This never occurred to me. I publish and then BANG to you.  I told you I know nothing about blogs. I knew you could “subscribe” to a blog. I think I have twice.

 “Blogs” are like “meditation” to me. I hear they are good, everyone comes back saying “this is good for you.” I know I’m supposed to “subscribe” (classes, gyms, blogs), but I don’t. I just check them when I want them. Or take a dance class randomly with a friend. I don’t commit.

I was hoping it wasn’t a commitment for you. I know how busy you are. I thought it was a live link reminder when something new goes up. So you can read it on YOUR time. And now I learn that even if you read the email letter on your time, you’re reading something old.

Because I edit. 

I edit for me. I edit them randomly. I edit the one I just needed to read for me that day.

I edit for you. For example I forgot to put in the VIDEO from the “best text part 2” and I never told you what a great day yesterday was overall and the lesson there in hunkering.

I EDIT (often making them shorter. with hindsight of the larger day, I know what really matters).

I edit you in.. 

Often I will write about something and think it is “over,” but it is FAR from over. You arrived. Like when Steve arrives, he changes it all, usually/always for the better.

Oh and while I have you, you should know Steve is a terrible follower!!

I think he reads my blog at 11PM or just plains forget. So if you See Steve (like people at Lux, where Steve works) he has NO IDEA what you are talking about if you ever reference my writing. None. No clue.

And when I see him at the end of day, I’m on letter “x” and I just forgot about the rest. I understand though. He has the same problem. Even worse.  If he wrote he would be on his second lap of the alphabet. A-Z had already happened.

So your email is old. 

Just so you know.

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