Level 11

Are you a Christopher Guest fan?

As in the screenwriter, composer, musician, director, and actor? The man behind Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and my personal favorite, Waiting For Guffman? If you’re not, you should be. The first 30 minutes of Waiting for Guffman is the best. Hands down. BEST.

I love mockumentaries. It’s two forms of the best entertainment together. Documentaries and comedy. The combination is just brilliant. Getting to have characters talk directly to camera and hearing their inner thoughts makes it feel authentic, and hysterical. Like the TV show, The Office. 

Turns out this is a genetic thing. Jacob loves The Office. We’re watching the entire show from season one. He thinks Michael is the best. “He makes funny voices.” I wonder how much he understands, but hey its something we can do together, but it does require a bottle of Tylenol.

Remember Christopher’s Guest’s first classic? Spinal Tap? Remember level 11? If not, get educated. Link provided. You can skip to time stamp 1:30 if you need to. Actually just do that. Life is busy and I appreciate you taking any time.

Go ahead. It’s only 15 secs after that.

Jacob is at a constant 11. 

It seems to be some side effect of the chemo. He is VERY VERY loud. SO LOUD.

So very very loud.

He is constantly screaming at me. Just a simple command like “Can I have water?” is a red alarm. The yelling and yelling! And the volume on our TV is at 100. 

Nope 101, its got that extra “hit.”

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  1. Don’t forget to put on Sheets Creek- on Netflix Katherine O’Hara. It will give you the best of amazing comedy- and you have 3 seasons too

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