You just got to laugh

You just got to laugh.

I got a few calls last night around 8ish (I think). 

“Do you have lights?!” from frantic voices on the other line.

My favorite comment was: “I heard Manhattan has a power outage and I just assumed that must include you. Or is it just your apartment? That sounds likely too.”

At this point, that is a fair assumption, but we had lights! Shockingly we did not get hit with this burden.

We have light and this something was something to celebrate.

I’m not one to share videos, don’t get used to this, but I think this one is worth sharing. It shows the ability to find light in every situation.

Background information. We weren’t supposed to be in the city. We were doing construction all summer. But its good to be home and to be honest, “garage” living is just the way the Brodys like to roll. More places to build. More places to store Steve’s vehicles. 

Although…we should probably have some railings etc. It’s getting better, a day ago there were ZERO railings. Just a hole in the ground to fall through.

No furniture is ordered and we really have no interest in doing that. It’s just more STUFF. More stuff to have to get around. We don’t wish for a thing, except health over here. 


You just got to laugh.

A wise neighbor, Roz, said this to me the other day.

“You just got to laugh.”


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