You made me smile. 

Like a real-life genuine smile. 

Both Steve and I.

Guess who called?

Someone from Option Care. To apologize. We were prepared and were able to name 7 different points of malpractice and they listened and we’re horrified.

YOU made a difference. WE made a difference. In the Jewish tradition, this is called a mitzvah. 

You are a mitzvah.

Think of all the people you have helped. All the people without the ability to say this is wrong. Without the support network, the words, maybe with even fear (depending on the immigration status). 

It was a pretty pathetic phone call. They were apologetic, but when you need to tell a company about a concept called google maps and how you can track traffic patterns and make an educated estimate, you know you are talking to the walking dead. 

But at least they are going to work on it and isn’t that where all solutions begin. You held them accountable.


And I know it wasn’t easy. I know you probably were put on hold. Or spoke to seven different people. 

Oddly, this makes me feel closer to you. You are on my time now. We can jam about this. I feel more connected.

Thank you. Thank you.

OH And Steve and I talked after we smiled in victory.

We realized that we need to upgrade our phone plan. We recognized that working on two different times zones is the exact thing that Jacob needs. We compliment each other. We are in yin and yang. We are the ultimate team. 

Now if we can just get the right service provider for that communication we will be all set:) We are taking bids.

Thank you all. 

Abby, Steve, Jacob, Benno and all the families dealing home care needs

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