Time is relative

Time is relative. 

But Einstein got it wrong. It isn’t relative to time and space. It’s not that connection, it’s relative to people.

It’s where I am in time and where you are in yours. How we relate is when we are both in sync, in the same time and sometimes space (I guess Einstein was only half wrong).

My time is boundless. It has no beginning or no end. Hours can go for days and minutes can be in seconds. 

And I don’t know what your time is. One thing I’ve learned is no assumptions. You may be living in a different time too. It doesn’t have to be because of tragedy, you just may be living in a place people can’t relate.

Because its all relative.

This is new for me. I’ve never lived in this time that is unrelatable. My time was always arranged nicely in colored blocks on my calendar. I could even share my calendar with you. And it was packed. Every breathing moment scheduled. Time for this meeting, time that appointment, but now I don’t live in your time. It’s hard to relate and connect with you. I can only do it through this blog. I don’t speak to anyone. Including my parents. I only communicate here.

And I’m trying my hardest to keep it up when I can. This is the best part of my day. This is the time I relate, we connect.

But some things to know: When you ask me “when will be a good time to come?” I don’t even know how to reply. I’m not on your time. I have no idea. How can we pick a time when we don’t even have the same units of measurement.

And because of this I’m missing your time and here you are trying to come to mine. Believe me… I want to be able to know whats going on in your life. I want to be able to open instagram and scroll without feeling sick. I want to wish you a happy birthday.  I really do.

But time is relative and we are on different planes.

AND by the time I write you, I’m on the 100th thing that has happened since I’ve last written. I only write what I’m thinking about. The NOW moment and these moments are so limited. 30 minutes a day. I forget to share some of the highs (and yes some of the lows). So I apologize for that. Not sure how to solve that as I need you for every step.

But thanks for trying. you can add time travel to the Friends of Nightwing’s talents.

You are time travelers.

And they say that can’t be done.

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