I’m a hipster now

I’m moving to Brooklyn. I think I always wanted to be able to say that (not actually do it though!). I’m a hipster now. I may even start drinking craft beers. Isn’t that what you do in Brooklyn?

I’m moving to Brooklyn WITH Jacob. We are going to live on the boat in Brooklyn the closest marina to the hospital. 

We can’t go home. 

Because in the real world, not the “nothing is real world,” we were supposed to be in Montauk while our apartment went under renovations. We are supposed to be playing in the sand and fishing. We were supposed to be living.

While a cold is dangerous for Jacob right now, fungus is poison and when doing construction there is a possibility of fungus/mold could be in the air. We aren’t going home.

But I’m secretly happy about that. I need to escape. 

Maybe we can sail away again. 

Maybe I can sleep. 

Maybe I can see Steve and believe that he is real.

I’m so hopeful. 

The sea solved it last time, maybe again. 

It will wash away the cancer, just like the waves lapse. It will cleanse Jacob.

I also have the BEST news!

The NYC 4th of July fireworks are literally RIGHT next to us. Being fired from a barge only yards away. We will have the best seat in the house. Jacob is going to have the best 4th of July ever. The fireworks are coming to him. He doesn’t need to move. The show is right in his bedroom.

The world is coming to him just like you. 

You came for him.

Thank you.

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  1. I wish you the most magical Fourth of July ever! Please post a picture of you all enjoying the fireworks! 🎆🎇🇺🇸xo

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