Monday: Calling Friends of Nightwing

An update on Jacob. He had a really good day today. Treasuring this day. He laughed, he played, and he even walked across the room to ride in his red wagon.

He is doing amazing! He is so 💪 . He finished his first round of chemo drugs today and he hasn’t thrown up. Not much has changed besides being a bit tired and cranky. He has lost his taste buds, as they are rapidly glowing cells so changed by chemo. Not the best thing for a person whose passion is eating, but does he complain? Nope. He just states it and moves on. He’s so much like his daddy. I am so thankful that he is just like his daddy.

The mom show continues. Today we made super hero masks for our teachers who came and visited (Thank you Mr. Street and Mr. Davis). We played Uno, we did math, letters, and, of course, we made legos. He gets tired easily so doesn’t want to build them, but he still likes watching me do it. He especially enjoys watching me struggle with something so easy for him. “Oh mom. You messed up again?!” We laugh. “Your not a master builder like me mom.” Ain’t that the truth.

Last night Steve and I held a shabbat service over him as he slept. Thank you for all the people who made that possible. I didn’t even know it was Friday until the packages showed up. So many of you pitched in that we were able to give shabbat meals to all the Jewish families on the floor. Many are from Israel. I can’t imagine being so far away and trying to understand doctor talk when English isn’t your first language.

I guess it can always be worse. It can always be worse.

Yesterday a boy went home that has been in the hospital for one year and one week. Can you imagine? I’ve only been living in the hospital for 13 days and feel like a crazy person. What happens to your mind? Your soul? People need the sun like flowers. He is 12 too.Can you imagine? 12. He understands all too well. While I didn’t know this boy, I stood beside all the nurses and cheered and hollered as he walked out the doors. It also gave me an excuse to scream. It feels good to scream. It was joyful. I wish I met him. I bet he is pretty wise.

I guess it can always be worse. I hate that someone else’s worse makes mine better.

Many of you have asked how you can help. How you can be there for Jacob. I have a task for you.

Jacob has a MRI on Monday. Its of the brain. I thought we were done with tests and the meetings in conference rooms with teams of doctors talking in whispers as if the voice level changes the meaning of the words they were saying.

Turns out were not done. While we have confirmed cancer in the skull (the bone), this test will look inside the tissue of the brain.

I need you friends. I need everyone to send positive thoughts. We need something to go Jacob’s way. He deserves this. So this Monday, get working! Get vibing! Get praying! Get high. Give a toast. I don’t care what you do as long as its in the name of Jacob.

The friends of Nightwing have shown me their power. Not sure if Nightwing has a “bat signal,” but he does now. Its radiating into the sky from York Ave. Look up! Its there. Time for action.

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  1. I kept my running bib from last Sunday, the one with Jacob’s name on it as we dedicated our race to him (I will keep it forever). As my Monday morning work out, I will run 5K again wearing the same bib… that will be my friend of Nightwing positive power for Jacob!!!

  2. I am following your blog and “Journey” with Jacob. Thinking healing thoughts and praying for your little boy (and you and your family). Thank you for keeping us updated. Know you have lots of love sent from Philly!

  3. Alexander and I are Praying hard for Jacob! He will HEAL!!! Sending you a big hug ❤️

  4. Thank you for putting your journey into words so we can be there with you. When ready please lean on anyone and everyone for anything. We are all waiting for the signal. In the meanwhile praying for Jacob, you, Benno, Steve and your extended families. ❤️

  5. Abby, I have Jacob, you, and your whole family in my prayers every day. I’m right up the block on York Ave if you ever want some company, a nap, a walk around the block, or a glass of not shitty wine. Sending lots of love and positive energy from 79th street. Jill

      1. I will call or text you in the next day or two. I know Monday is a big day. I am sending it all to you. I will definitely meet you for a walk and a glass and a giant hug. I’ll also be in sweats, for no good reason. xo.

  6. Praying so much for Jacob!!!! He is a fighter, sending positive thoughts and vibes to the Brody’s. Thinking about you every day!!!!

  7. We will be sending every positive vibe we can and then some. Wishing and hoping and praying… all of it. Trying to send my energy to you mama, to give you strength to be the strong one for him. My love and prayers are with you.

  8. Dear Abby
    I have been meaning to write to you for a few days since I found out about Jacob. I have been thinking of the right words but nothing other then UNFAIR comes to mind. We all know that bad things happen to good people….but when these are the good people you know, it is impossible to reconcile.
    Do not stop believing and keep on keeping on. The mom show must go on! Thank you for your blog.
    We have you and Jacob in our hearts, sending healing thoughts and positive energy.
    May today be a good day!
    Much Love from the Wizman family.

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